Production and sales of ice cream cones, ice waffles and waffle rolls.
In the striving for a perfect product and a satisfied client, WORLD CONES is subject to the most severe norms. HACCP, IS0 9001/2000, GMP and IFS (High Level) have therefore been introduced in the company management.
This offers our client the confidence and the certainty he can expect from his supplier in ice cream biscuits. Our ice cream biscuits are always, wherever in Europe, delivered ‘Just in Time’.

Pressed cones and goblets
Flat waffles and glass-of-ice-cream decoration
Twisted cones with or without border
Special and industrial products
Retail packaging

Date of establishment: 1987

WORLD CONES was founded in 1987 and commits itself to the production and development of ice biscuits. With the help of the most updated production machinery and a completely automatised dough line we bake an excellent ice cone, goblet or waffle, which help to transform each ice cream in a delicacy. Through our great flexibility, we continuously develop new articles that meet the trends within the total ice cream market. That is how WORLD CONES became a leading company in the European ice cream market.

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