Production and sales of waffles
Welda knows what is important for you as a client:
- We offer high-quality products at an advantageous price
- Our flexibility allows us to present any type of waffle in different wrapping
- Our inventiveness allows us to offer you specialties like bio- and sugar-free biscuits

Sugar free
‘Speculoos’ (cinnamon biscuit) waffles
Multi packs
Assortment packaging

Date of establishment: 1973

Welda NV developed from the activities of a local baker in the village of Weelde in the Kempen. His specialty as a baker, the ‘biscuit waffle’, had a great success in the area. In 1973, Louis Van Den Broek, at the time an assistant baker, decided to establish a new company to produce this biscuit waffle: Welda was born.

Very soon it became obvious that the waffles of Welda were very much appreciated outside the Kempen too; expansion imposed itself, both in the assortment and in the production facilities. The firm was moved to a local industrial area in 1978 and a few years later it installed a full-automatic waffle oven. At the end of the nineties, both children of Louis Van Den Broek had worked themselves in the business, so that Welda was run by a combination of experience and know-how, together with a healthy and youthful ambition.

The exponential growth is mainly due to the constancy in the matter of flexibility, quality and correct, quick deliveries. The growth also required continuous investments in the production facilities. Welda is now a modern company, offering a complete waffle assortment in great volumes, according to the security and hygiene rules in vigour.

Taken up in Roofoods International: 04/04/08

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